Seed and Integrated Products

The key products of this segment include seed traits, germplasms and seed treatments for healthier and higher yielding crops.

Seed Traits

Our seed trait effort is primarily focused on improving plant yields by increasing plant tolerance to abiotic stress, such as drought or salinity. We also have a secondary focus on crop protection and quality traits.

Our most advanced technology in the seed trait area, HB4, helps increase yield by an average 13% to 19% for multiple crops under various growing seasons and conditions, including sporadic drought episodes. HB4 is also able to provide this higher yield without adversely impacting yields in optimal growing conditions, which is a distinctive and important factor compared to other stress tolerance technologies.


We currently breed germplasms for soybean and wheat and plan to advance our elite germplasms by delivering these technologies using our proprietary channels. Our soybean breeding program produces varieties that are registered or are in process of being registered in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and South Africa. Our wheat breeding program is operated through our joint venture, Trigall Genetics, which has exclusive rights to the wheat breeding program of Florimond Desprez.

Seed Treatments

Seed treatments comprise one of our core products and include Rizopacks, produced by our subsidiary Rizobacter in partnership with Syngenta Seedcare, which are the flagship soybean product with proprietary inoculants and fungicides. We also offer certain variations customized for peanut, beans and chickpea. In addition, we are pursuing the development of next-generation biologicals, particularly for seed treatments tailored for specific germplasms, seed traits and environment combinations.