Global Agricultural Challenges

Growing More From Less

As demand for increased quantity and quality of crops grows, agriculture must evolve in order to meet these demands in a sustainable way considering its limited natural resources.

Water Scarcity, a Global Issue

Global warming is changing climatic patterns, affecting the distribution of precipitations and triggering major crop losses. FAO estimates that by 2030, almost half the world will live under conditions of high water stress. Agriculture must reduce its dependence on current irrigation technologies.

Agricultural Breakthroughs

Significant growth potential exists from next wave of agricultural breakthroughs

  • During the past two decades, the GM seed market has grown to approximately $20 billion.
  • The GM trait industry has been built on management of biotic stresses – primarily herbicide tolerance and insect resistance.
  • Addressing yield losses caused by abiotic stresses represents an opportunity for significant growth from novel, breakthrough products.

Abiotic Stress Accounts for 66% – 82% Of Lost Yield Potential