Emerging Solutions

Our Emerging Solutions segment provides high value R&D, technical and advisory services to strategic partners and third parties. We also commercialize specialized products for a variety of end markets, including enzymes, such as chymosin, microbial fermentation solutions and translational medicine services.

R&D Services

Our R&D services provide advanced biotechnology capabilities and specialized knowledge and expertise to facilitate validated technology sourcing and product development efforts from our industry collaborations. We also enter early-stage research collaboration arrangements with external research groups, most of which are funded through government grants. Our R&D services are provided through our two subsidiaries: INDEAR, which provides R&D services across a broad range of platforms, and INMET, which focuses on fermentation solutions using synthetic biology and metabolic engineering for application in agro-industrial solutions.

Agro-Industrial Biotechnology

We have developed a safflower-based molecular farming platform for industrial enzymes, which allows us to use harvested grains as an efficient way of storing enzymes prior to processing. Our most advanced molecular farming technology is SPC®, which is used to produce bovine chymosin, an enzyme used in the manufacturing of cheese. We are also developing solutions for producing biopolymers, such as PHA/PHB, biodiesel and ectoine from soybean glycerin based on bacillus fermentation, which we also use for cost-effective production of biological pest control agents.