Crop Protection

Our key crop protection products include adjuvants as well as seed-applied insecticides and fungicides


Adjuvants are used in tank mixes to facilitate application and effectiveness of crop protection products. We produce the market leading silicone-based adjuvant, Silwet, and are currently developing microbially-enhanced adjuvants in partnership with other companies.

Insecticides and Fungicides

We offer a full range of chemical seed treatments tailored for specific crop and pest combinations. We are in the process of formulating and commercializing standalone chemical seed treatments, including fungicides and insecticides, in partnership with Syngenta, to reduce disease and pest pressure during crop establishment. We are pursuing commercialization of biological fungicides formulated as seed treatments that control and restrict the growth of pathogenic agents in wheat and barley, as well as developing a microbial-based insecticide.

Pest Control

In partnership with De Sangosse, we offer a range of pest baits to effectively and safely control pests that are particularly harmful for harvested and stored grains or seeds. We hold a leading market position for such products, with an estimated 50% current market share.