Crop Nutrition

Our main crop nutrition products include inoculants, biofertilizers and chemical-based fertilizers.


Inoculants are broadly used nitrogen-fixing bacteria that promote growth of leguminous crops such as soybean and alfalfa. We hold a global leadership position in sales of soybean inoculants with approximately 21% market share per our internal projections. We are currently developing the next-generation of inoculants, including Bioinductor 2.0 and Extended-Shelf-Life products for professional seed treatment businesses


Biofertilizers contain living microorganisms that colonize the interior of a plant and promote growth by increasing supply or availability of primary nutrients through the natural processes of nitrogen fixation, solubilizing phosphorus and stimulating plant growth through synthesis of growth-promoting substances. The combination of biologicals and chemical fertilizers can maximize crop yields while reducing environmental impact as a result of reduced use of chemicals. We are also in early stages of development for microbially-enhanced fertilizers for soybean, wheat, corn and chickpeas.

Seed Chemical-Based Micro-Granulated Fertilizers

We produce and commercialize fertilizers based on chemically formulated microgranules. As these fertilizers can be applied next to the seed at planting, lower doses are needed than standard fertilizers, resulting in logistical efficiency and environmental benefits. Currently, our production is focused on Microstar PZ, a starter fertilizer that provides nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc to different crops.