Corporate Overview


We are a fully-integrated provider of crop productivity solutions, including seeds, seed traits, seed treatments, biologicals, high-value adjuvants and fertilizers. Unlike most industry participants that specialize in a single technology, chemistry, product, condition or stage of plant development, we have developed a multi-discipline and multi-product platform capable of providing solutions throughout the entire crop cycle, from pre-planting to transportation and storage. Our platform is designed to cost-effectively bring high-value technologies to market through an open-architecture approach.

Our headquarters and primary operations are based in Argentina, which is our key end-market as well as one of the largest markets globally for GM crops. We leverage our relationship with our shareholders, many of whom are industry leaders and key participants in our end-markets, to increase adoption of our products and technologies.

Over the past 40 years, we have established a leadership position in sourcing, development, production and sales of biological products for some of the most globally prolific crops, including soy, corn, wheat and alfalfa. We sell our products through a 90-person sales and marketing team and enjoy exceptional access to the end-user grower as a result of: (i) our strategic alliances with global leaders, such as Syngenta, Valent Biosciences, Dow AgroSciences, Don Mario and TMG; (ii) through our shareholders, who collectively control significant agricultural land; and (iii) our longstanding relationships with over 800 dealers and distributors. Our customers include global blue-chip companies and industry leaders, large distributors, co-ops and dealers, as well as growers.

Our leading infrastructure, the success of our platform and commanding presence in our key markets have made us the effective flagship agricultural solutions provider, as well as the natural partner for global conglomerates, in South America.

Our Business Model

Our business model is driven by three key pillars: technology sourcing, product development partnering, and production and market access.

Technology Sourcing

The technology sourcing stage of our business model involves identifying and collaborating with leading academic and independent research institutions at the early stages of technology development. We search for collaborators who are pursuing innovative technological concepts that are consistent with our business strategy and have generated promising preliminary evidence, but have yet to be validated for their intended purposes. In these collaborations, we employ our advanced biotechnology capabilities and specialized know how to leverage the technology discovery process already undertaken. Because our technology sourcing activities are mainly financed through public grants and other capital efficient sources meant to limit our financial exposure, we have created a team of specialized professionals that help our collaborations apply for and manage grant funding.

Product Development Partnering

The product development partnering stage of our business model involves identifying and collaborating with strategic partners and creating joint ventures to develop and bring products to market. We have created an extensive network of regional and international relationships in the agricultural sector from which we source partners for our product development initiatives. We employ an open-architecture approach to technology origination which involves identifying and accessing promising technologies from third parties, and forming strategic and capital-efficient partnerships that leverage each party’s capabilities to quickly bring innovations to market.

Upon technology validation, we partner with internationally recognized entities that can provide co funding, technology sourcing, intellectual property and market access for the development of our technologies into products.

Production and Market Access

The production and market access stage of our business model focuses on leveraging shareholder base and proprietary sales channels to access and establish multiple pathways to markets and maximize market reach and develop innovative technology. Once a technology obtains the required regulatory approvals, we, our joint ventures or our technology licensees commercialize products that employ such technology and sell them to end-users in domestic and international markets through shareholder base and proprietary sales channels. We also complement our direct sales efforts by licensing our technologies to other companies for inclusion in their products or production systems. This complementary approach seeks to widen the presence of our technologies in the market and increase our revenues.