Crop nutrition products




Synertech was formed by Rizobacter in partnership with De Sangosse with the goal of producing and commercializing micro-granulated fertilizers

Year Launched: February 2016

Partner Overview:
– French company launched in 1929
– Global player in the supply of crop protection, plant nutrition, seeds and pest control products

Key Collaboration Mandate:
Production and commercialization of micro-granulated fertilizers

Products / Technologies Under Development:
– Microstar PZ: a high-solubility micro-granulated fertilizer that provides a combination of P, N, S and Zn
– Due to a concentrated formulation, Microstar rates are one-fifth of those required by traditional fertilizers
– Currently developing new formulations

Other Features:
– US$30 million investment in production plant of 50,000 tons of annual capacity
– 240,000ft2 plant located in Pergamino, Argentina