Crop productivity solutions



Argentina´s leading provider of bio-based solutions for the Ag sector: strong focus on crop nutrition as well as crop protection with extensive international market access capabilities

Strategic Partners:
Syngenta, Momentive, De Sangosse and Valent Biosciences

Develop and commercialize microbial-based products with focus on crop nutrition and crop protection

Operations and Facilities:
– Based in Pergamino, Argentina
– 24,000 gallon fermentation plant
– 53,800 ft2 fungicide tolling plant
– 28 hectares research farm

Other Features:
– World leader in soybean inoculants, with approximately 21% global market share
– Significant presence in adjuvants, seed treatments and pest control bait (mollusks and isopods) markets with an estimated 26%, 23% and 50% local market share, respectively
– Strong local distribution network and international presence in over 30 countries

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