Safflower-expressed chymosin






AGBM was formed in partnership with Porta Hnos. Is an industrial company that produces and commercializes Chymosin from modified safflower seeds: a molecular farming technology called SPC®.

Year Launched: February 2016

Partner Overview:
– Argentine company founded in 1882 and based in Cordoba
– Focused on alcohol production for food, medicine and fuel applications
– As experts in process engineering offer solutions to a variety of industrial sectors

Key Collaboration Mandate:
Production and commercialization of chymosin and by-products

Products / Technologies Under Development:
– Safflower-expressed chymosin (an additive for the dairy industry in the cheese manufacturing process)
– By-products such as oil bodies, proteins and fiber for different industries

Other Features:
Production plant on line as of 2016 in Córdoba, Argentina