Bioceres | Bioceres partners with Iden Biotechnology on alfalfa quality enhancement technology

Bioceres partners with Iden Biotechnology on alfalfa quality enhancement technology

5 April, 2018

Bioceres and Iden Biotechnology, announce that they have recently entered into an agreement to develop alfalfa quality traits. The agreement comprises the use of a technology developed by the Public University of Navarra (UPNA) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and further validated in commercial crops by Iden Biotechnology.

“We welcome the expansion of our collaboration scope with Bioceres, a globally recognized agricultural biotech company, into new crops, gene traits and objectives in Latin America” said Nora Alonso, CEO of Iden.

This commercial collaboration between Bioceres and Iden Biotechnology S.L. will enable the former to develop the technology necessary to produce alfalfa varieties with enhanced quality characteristics and provide new products for its customer segment. The agreement sums to other collaborations between both companies for abiotic stress resistant wheat varieties development and commercialization.

“We are very happy to expand our existing collaboration with Iden to include quality enhancement opportunities in alfalfa.  This new agreement further demonstrates the high level of complementarity between our two organizations, from product development capabilities to patent portfolio and geographic footprints,” said Federico Trucco, CEO of Bioceres.

About Iden Biotechnology

idenIden Biotechnology is a biotechnological company operating in the agricultural space, developing products and integrated solutions for crop yield and quality enhancement. The company’s agricultural solutions include a portfolio of candidate genes for yield increase, quality enhancement and/or abiotic stress tolerance. The gene traits are validated on agronomic crops of interest like corn, wheat or potato. Iden has established other industrial collaborations for gene trait discovery and development in row crops like wheat and potato. In addition, the company holds a portfolio of biological products, plant biostimulants and biopesticides for agronomic use derived from its non random proprietary platform. Iden Biotechnology has a strong presence in US, Europe and India with strategic partnerships for product development and commercialization. For more information visit

About Bioceres S.A.

image4520Bioceres S.A. is a fully-integrated provider of crop productivity solutions, including seeds, seed traits, seed treatments, biologicals, high-value adjuvants and micro-beaded fertilizers. Bioceres’s headquarters and primary operations are based in Rosario, Argentina, which is the third largest market for agricultural biotechnology products. For more information visit