Research and Development Services

Bioceres’ R&D services segment focuses primarily on providing state-of-the-art biotechnology capabilities and specialized know-how to facilitate technology sourcing and product development efforts of its collaborations and third-parties.

These research and development services are carried out by our subsidiaries, INDEAR and Inmet, and are delivered to our joint venture companies, non-JV partners, and third parties pursuant to contractual arrangements. Our research and development services subsidiaries also enter into early-stage research collaboration arrangements with external research groups as part of our technology development efforts. Most of these collaborations are funded through government grants. In order to enable this process, we have a team of specialized professionals that help our scientific collaborators and us apply for and manage grant funding. INDEAR provides research and development services across a broad range of platforms and develops technology that is used in our seed biotechnology and agro-industrial biotechnology businesses. Inmet specializes in fermentation solutions through the use of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering platforms, the resulting technology of which is typically used in our agro-industrial business.

INDEAR and Inmet

INDEAR was established in 2004, as a result of a strategic alliance with CONICET, and we believe it is among the most advanced agricultural biotechnology platforms in Latin America. INDEAR is organized into eight technology platforms, which interact at different phases of the product development process. INDEAR’s core capabilities are set forth in the below chart:


INDEAR has developed significant expertise in research and development matters, benefiting from exposure to a broad range of projects, particularly those related to our seed biotechnology and molecular farming initiatives. We believe that because of this regionally unique expertise and INDEAR’s state-of-the-art technological capabilities, we have become an attractive partner for high-caliber research groups seeking to accelerate their technology discovery efforts.

We believe INDEAR’s know-how and capabilities provide significant value to our joint ventures, our product development collaborations and third party developers. Through INDEAR, we are able to provide cost competitive research and development services required for product development and deregulation that are difficult to outsource, and that require an expensive and rapidly changing technology infrastructure, which most of our partners do not possess.

Inmet, launched in 2013, is a specialized vehicle for developing fermentation solutions based on metabolic engineering of bacteria for different industrial applications. The activities conducted at Inmet focus on the use of Bacillus subtilis as the bacterial platform used to convert low-cost sources of organic carbon into high-value compounds for commercial use and eventually the production of second-generation biofuels as well as the production of bioplastics such as PHAs.