Traslational investigation services for Precision Medicine


Héritas specialize in traslational investigation services for Precision Medicine in Clinic Genomics, Humane Microbiome, Reproduction Genomics, located in Rosario, Argentina.

Year Launched:2015

Partner Overview:
Actual technology platforms allow us to read the genetic code of own cells and the human microbiome in record time, creating a revolution in Precision Medicine. The incorporation of the strategic abilities of Cibic and INDEAR will maximize in Héritas the resources in precision genomic diagnosis for different diseases and desorders in the clinic area for the first time in our country.

Products / Technologies Under Development:

Héritas develops clinic genomic platforms in hereditary heart diseases, hereditary cancer, Mendelian recessive diseases and infrequent diseases, and also monitored platforms and disease progression with genetic base in oncology area and in microbiome disorders area. On the other hand, Héritas specialize in prenatal diagnosis no invasive.

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