Corporate Overview


We are a fully-integrated agricultural technology company with a strong leadership position in South America and access to global agricultural markets through our direct distribution channel and industry-leading partners. We work with global agricultural firms and researchers to create, develop, deregulate and commercialize technologies suited for our targeted high-growth markets in agricultural and agro-industrial biotechnology.

Our agricultural technologies and products are focused on enhancing yields for several core global crops, including wheat, soybean, corn and alfalfa. We integrate our proprietary trait technologies into proprietary, proven germplasms to provide a complete and effective agronomic solution for our customers.

In addition to crop genetics, we further apply our technology sourcing and product development capabilities to develop and integrate agricultural biological inputs to create the agronomic solutions our customers are seeking. Our EcoSeedPack products, which will provide customized seed treatments that complement our traits and germplasms, are an example of our platform’s potential. We are leveraging our capabilities to extend our reach into agro-industrial biotechnology opportunities, including the production of enzymes and fermentation solutions for the production of high-value compounds.

Our current grower-shareholders include the founding members of AAPRESID, an Argentine farmers’ organization known for its international leadership in the adoption of new agricultural technologies. Some of our shareholders also include large agricultural cooperatives and agro-industrial processors, and the leading members of AACREA, an organization representing some of the largest farm operations in the region. A number of our shareholders are key influencers in the agricultural technology market. We believe our relationship with our grower-shareholders facilitates our ability to bring to market technologies that have been vetted, thereby driving successful adoption of our products.

Our Business Model

Our business model is based on an approach focusing on collaborating with leading academic institutions and independent researchers with promising technology that can be developed and commercialized to address significant end-markets. Our business development process can be described in three general stages:

Technology Sourcing

We collaborate with leading academic and independent research institutions at the early stages of technology development. We search for collaborators who are pursuing technological concepts that are consistent with our business strategy and have generated promising preliminary evidence, but have yet to be validated for their intended purposes. In these collaborations, we employ our state-of-the-art biotechnology capabilities and specialized know-how to leverage the technology discovery process already undertaken. Most of these collaborations are funded through government grants. In order to enable this process, we have a team of specialized professionals that help our collaborations apply for and manage grant funding.

Product Development Partnering

We have an extensive network of regional and international relationships in the agricultural sector from which we source partners for our product development initiatives. Once a sourced technology moves beyond the proof of concept phase, we seek partners to aid in taking that technology to a de-regulated product to be commercialized directly or through third-party channels. In selecting a partner, we look for internationally-recognized entities that can provide complementary funding, research and development capabilities, intellectual property and market access. When partnerships involve broad collaborations or a full pipeline commitment, we enter into 50-50 joint ventures.

Market Access

Once a technology receives the necessary regulatory approvals, we, our joint ventures or our technology licensees will commercialize products employing the technology and sell them directly to end users in domestic and international markets, including to our grower-shareholders. We created our own commercial channel in the seed biotechnology segment, Bioceres Semillas, to capitalize on our position with certain significant end customers to drive adoption of our technologies. We complement our direct sales efforts by licensing our technologies to other seed biotechnology or agro-industrial companies for inclusion in their products or production systems. This complementary approach seeks to widen the presence of our technologies in the market and bolster our revenues.