Fully Integrated Wheat Varieties


Trigall Genetics was formed in partnership with Florimond Desprez with the goal of developing and deregulating GM and Non-GM wheat varieties.

Year Launched: December 2013

Partner Overview:

  • French-based seed company founded in 1830, €200mm in revenues annually
  • Leading wheat genetics with proven LATAM performance
  • Complementary breeding capabilities

Key Collaboration Mandate:

  • Development and deregulation of wheat traits
  • Development of conventional/GM wheat varieties

Products / Technologies Under Development:

  • Conventional wheat varieties at Pre-Launch development phase
  • HB4 genetically-modified wheat variety with herbicide tolerance

Other Features:

  • Exclusive access to Florimond Desprez germplasm and HB4 for LATAM wheat
  • Market access through Bioceres Semillas as a first option licensee
  • One fee approach allows for the collection of germplasm royalties through tech fees on patented technologies

For more information, visit www.trigall.com