Research & Development Division

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INDEAR, the Company’s R&D business unit, has state-of-the-art biotechnology capabilities and is responsible for facilitating technology sourcing and product development efforts of Bioceres’ collaborations.

Strategic Partner:
The National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET)

Provide state of the art R&D services to facilitate the technology sourcing and product development efforts of Bioceres and third party initiatives.

Operations and Facilities:

  • Based in a technology park in Rosario, Argentina, which hosts more than 400 CONICET scientists
  • INDEAR R&D activities are located within a 3.800 m2 greenhouse and laboratory facility including two field stations and satellite locations that enable field evaluation of seed biotechnology products

Other Features:

  • One of the most advanced Agro biotech technology platforms in Latin America
  • Significant expertise draws high caliber research groups seeking to accelerate efforts
  • Capable of providing cost-competitive R&D services required for product development

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